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    17 Times Being An Adult Was Not Nearly As Funny As Being A Kid

    "Your front butt has too much hair on it."

    1. When things like shutting the car door just slip their minds:

    2. When their standards for dinner are too high:

    Twitter: @toddedillard

    3. When they make your heart stop without trying:

    Twitter: @adex0057

    4. And when they make you scream without trying:

    Twitter: @bwecht

    5. When nothing fazes them:

    Twitter: @ColdHeart_Prj

    6. When they are unapologetically themselves:

    Screenshot of a conversation between a father and their kid in the bathroom

    7. When they drop truth bombs:

    Twitter: @lmegordon

    8. And when they somehow know just how miserable some of us are:

    9. When they write things like this in your 40th birthday card:

    A handwritten card from a child to their parent

    10. When they try to be courteous:

    11. When they can reason better than you:

    Twitter: @GrahamKritzer

    12. When they dish out insults:

    Twitter: @XplodingUnicorn

    13. When they are able to be funnier than you without trying:

    14. And when they are able to insult you perfectly:

    Twitter: @zimmer_donald

    15. When they are too smart for their own good:

    16. When they make harsh jokes without trying:

    "you would have been 28 by now"

    17. And when they do stuff like this:

    Twitter: @lezzimomof2