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America Ferrera Just Revealed How Her Actual Husband Got Cast As Her Onscreen Husband In "Barbie"

"We didn't tell anybody, any of our friends or family," she said.

Barbie was full of SOOO many fun details and Easter eggs, every time I watch the movie, I find new things to get excited about.

One of my personal favorites was seeing America Ferrera's real-life husband, Ryan Piers Williams, make a cameo as her onscreen husband in the movie.

America and Ryan at a media event

And not only that, but in the final scene where Gloria, Sasha, and Gloria's husband drop off Barbie at her gynecologist appointment, he says "Si se puede." Aside from being a Spanish political statement, it was famously used in America's movie Gotta Kick It Up!

In a recent interview with People, she explained just how he ended up getting cast in the movie and how realistic their onscreen relationship compared to their IRL one. "We didn't tell anybody, any of our friends or family," she said.

The couple on the pink carpet for an event for Barbie

"It came about because on my first Zoom with Greta [Gerwig, Barbie director/co-writer]. I was telling her all my favorite parts of the script and all the parts that made me laugh out loud," she added.

America and Greta smiling at each other

"And I said, 'Oh my God, I laughed so hard when you cut to the dad doing his Spanish lessons, because my husband was literally in the other room doing his Spanish lessons,'" she said. "Right away, she was like, 'Oh my God, does he want to play your husband?' And I was like, 'I don't know, you'll have to ask him.'"

Then, later on when they were about to begin filming, Greta brought it up again. "When it came time, she was like, 'Remember when I asked you if your husband would play your husband?' And he said yes," she said. "So it was really fun and it did, it made it a family affair and it was great."

Greta directing

Because they were both in the movie and their children are still young, they ended up moving to the UK for a few months, while production for Barbie continued there. "[Our kids] were young enough where I could do that, but still life happened," she added. "People get sick, your childcare falls through, and then your spouse has to step in."

And now, all I want is a Barbie sequel starring America and Ryan about their characters' lives in the Real World.

Barbie is now streaming on Max.