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Please note that the review process can take a few days or longer based on factors including, but not limited to, current trends and topics. If your post or quiz is selected to get featured across BuzzFeed's network, our editors may make edits to reflect the BuzzFeed style and tone. You'll also get an email letting you know that it's been chosen. If your post is not selected to be featured, don't feel discouraged! Our editors will still see your future creations and continue to consider them.

Create a Quiz

Making your own BuzzFeed Community quiz is your opportunity to create content about your favorite topics, including celebs, shows, music, games, TikTok trends (really, anything!) that you wish you saw more of on BuzzFeed. You can be the trendsetter and maybe even find or build your own community along the way!

There are so many types of quizzes you can make on the Community, including trivia, personality, checklist, poll, tap-on-image, and more.

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There are few things more classic on the internet than a good ol’ BuzzFeed list or post, made by creative people like you! Gush about your favorite fandom, try something new and exciting and write about it, create a list of music or book recommendations — pretty much whatever you can think of. Best of all, maybe even find your people right here on the Community!

Writers’ Challenges

We have various fun opportunities throughout the year for writers to earn rewards and money for their contributions. To learn more about current and upcoming chances for you to create and earn, check out the Challenges page.

Community Guidelines

Before you sign up to create your first post, please review our Rules and Guidelines. BuzzFeed Community is subject to BuzzFeed’s general User Agreement, which you can check out here.

BuzzFeed’s Community is not a place for…
  1. Self-Promotion
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  3. You To Make Money For Your Business
  4. You To Use Others’ Content Without Permission (That Applies To Plagiarism, Too!)
  5. Trying Your Hand At News Reporting
  6. Waging A War Against Other Community Members
  7. PR Professionals To Plug Clients
  8. Spam