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    BuzzFeed Has A New Word Game Called Pyramid Scheme (Updated: Now With Hints!)

    It's like if a word search, a tangram, and connect the dots had a baby.

    If you like fun and words, I have a spectacular announcement for you: BuzzFeed launched a brand-new word game called Pyramid Scheme.

    Pyramid Scheme

    It's a daily puzzle with 15 letters that can be connected horizontally and diagonally, backwards and forwards to find words. You have to find the words that fill the puzzle and use every letter exactly once.

    It's the perfect amount of challenging, satisfying, and stimulating.

    Sometimes, you'll have a little extra brain power you want to expel before you go to sleep, in which case you can toggle on Expert Mode for an added challenge.

    The Expert Mode toggle

    And sometimes, you don't have the effort and want a little extra help, in which case you can play with it off!

    Pyramid Scheme

    If you're really struggling, you can use the BRAND NEW hint feature. It will appear after the 1 minute mark and will reveal the FIRST LETTER of the a word.

    But BEWARE! You'll receive a 30 second penalty every time you use a hint.

    Keep your streak going by coming back and playing a new puzzle with new letters each day!

    Pyramid Scheme

    Wanna play? Check out today's puzzle here!