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28 Organizing Products Reviewers Say Made A Significant Difference In Their Kitchen, Pantry, And Cabinets

If you have what realtors would call a "cozy" kitchen, this list is for you.

1. A set of adjustable mug organizers so you can confidently open your cupboard knowing an avalanche of mugs isn't about to fall on you. 

The round adjustable flat organizers in blue, orange, and black, plus a before and after pic of the mugs unorganized and organized

Elypro — the creator of this nifty gadget — is a small biz!

Promising review: "I came across these in an Amazon review on TikTok and I just had to have them for my mugs. I have a lot of mugs, but no space. I didn’t want a hanging mechanism for the mugs I just needed a way to stack them. This is such a great product to help stack mugs. They’re easily adjustable for any size mug. They don’t topple over, they’re very sturdy. One of the best space savers I have in the kitchen!" —Magdalynn Tibbetts

Get a set of six (to organize 12 mugs) from Amazon for $24.99 (available in three colors). 

2. An expandable, two-tier organizer because every time you put a cleaning product back in the cabinet under your kitchen sink, you have approx. one millisecond to slam the door shut before everything tumbles out.

A reviewer's before photo of their disorganized cabinets
The same reviewer's after photo which shows the cabinet organized with the two-tier shelf

The shelving unit is suitable for most cabinets as you can adjust the height to four different levels (2, 5, 9, and 13 inches tall) and expand the rail anywhere between 15–25 inches. Since the dimensions aren't one-size-fits-all, it also comes with three large panels and four small panels so you can adjust the shelves.

Promising review: "I held back on buying an under-sink shelf because of the price, but this is so worth it because of how adjustable it is! This thing has made that mini-cave of an under-sink area way more organized, with stuff easier to get to or move out of the way. The two widths of shelf pieces are a smart touch; they accommodate a wide variety of drains under kitchen sinks. I didn't use all the shelf pieces because of the extra-wide and deep drain in my apartment. I think the only thing that would make this perfect for me is a cosmetic thing — a chrome version or a matte black. But since it's under the sink, the color is fine and close enough." —Kevin M. 

Get it from Amazon for $23.87 (available in three finishes).

3. A nonskid three-tier pantry organizer ready to save you from buying yet another thing of paprika because yours is seemingly off exploring Narnia.

a buzzfeeder's pink and white pantry organizer holding various spice bottles
Chelsea Stuart / BuzzFeed

I have the 15-inch one and it fits in my standard-sized cabinet ~perfectly~ and allows me to see all of my spices so I don't have to rifle through them and make a mess every time I'm cooking. Ofc if spices are only part of your issue, it can also be used to hold extracts, canned veggies, sauces, etc.! 

Promising review: "I’m so glad I finally committed to buying this. As a vegetarian, I’ve found that I have to add double the spice just to get a real kick in the dishes I prepare. Not to mention, making sure that I have all the spices that I’m going to need while being quarantining/ social distancing. With that said, my spice cabinet was atrocious before I got these racks. And I am so happy to finally be able to grab my spices without knocking over the other ones and making even more of a mess. I didn’t know somethings so small and plain could bring me so much joy. Buy it now! You will not be disappointed." —Arie M.

Get it from Amazon for $7.99+ (available in two sizes and 12 colors).

4. Or a 30-spice door rack if there's simply no getting around the fact that your collection has outgrown its designated cabinet.

Each strip has five clips which fit most standard spice bottles (1.5–1.75 inches in diameter). The strips also come with pre-applied tape so all you have to do is peel and stick.

Promising review: "Love, love, love this! I have old narrow cabinets and not nearly enough of them so I desperately needed a new way to organize all my herbs and spices. Took a chance based on a list of cool new things and couldn't be more happy with this product! It came with 30 grippers for only $10. I didn't even have to screw them into my cabinets. If you follow the directions and let them cure 24 hours, the self-adhesive works great! I plan on buying a few sets for gifts!" —Brandi Y.

Get it from Amazon for $13.97 (available in three colors).

5. magnetic stove shelf on which you can stack your go-to spices, oils, and kitschy salt and pepper shakers. It's also a convenient place to dry out a turkey wishbone if your family is into that tradition. 

a stove with the shelf along the top and spices sitting on it

StoveShelf is a US-based small business that specializes in stove shelves for various sizes of stoves. 

Check out a Tiktok of the StoveShelf in action.

Promising review: "I had no problems with install. It’s secure and doesn’t move, and I was genuinely surprised at how much counter space I freed up. Now, it makes more intuitive sense to reach in front of me for my frequently grabbed cooking items on the StoveShelf (EVOO, S&P, etc.) instead of reaching off to the side to wherever I set it down last." —Online Shopper

Get it from Amazon for $35.99 (available in three sizes and in five finishes). 

6. A space-saving yogurt organizer if you're so grown that you simply can't resist a BOGO Chobani sale. 

the yogurt rack mounted on the side of a fridge
the same rack mounted under a butter drawer
Storage Theory / Etsy

Storage Theory is a Cedar Rapids, Iowa–based small biz that specializes in all sorts of problem-solving goods. Their yogurt rack can hold up to four Greek yogurt containers, and it attaches to your fridge via included peel-and-stick adhesive strips. 

Promising review: "I got this to hold Greek yogurts and Just Crack an Egg cups, and it works perfectly for that! It's a great way to utilize extra space that's normally just vacant. I love that I could support a small, local business, too!" —Gabrielle Sherman

Get it from Storage Theory on Etsy for $12.99+ (available in packs of one or two). 

7. A set of six fridge organizers so you'll know *exactly* where your tube of cinnamon rolls is. That way, you don't wind up in endless cycle of buying more only to find the old tube once it's already expired.

Built-in handles make the containers easy to move around and refill. If you could use even more clarity on what's where, you can add your own labels!

What's included: Five drawers and a dedicated 14-slot egg holder.

Promising review: "I love these things so much. I just got my first apartment with my boyfriend and it looked so messy in our little fridge and now it looks really appealing and everything is easy to get to. The quality of them is so good, I’m honestly impressed. They’re very sturdy and the egg holder is so cute and holds 14 eggs!" —Faith Sperry

Get a pack of six from Amazon for $18.49.

8. A two-tier lazy Susan strong enough to store your reserve of soup cans or spices. Plus, since it's nonskid, nothing will come flying out at you even if your rental's shelves are majorly uneven.

Promising review: "This turned a mess of a cabinet into an organized cabinet. We use A LOT of spices and it was always a nightmare to find the right one. Now, I just spin to find what I want. It’s a nice height, too, and allows for different sized bottles to be placed on the racks. Overall, this is a good purchase to help with organization." —vegmom

Get it from Amazon for $14.39+ (available in 14 colors).

9. A cutlery organizer that was smartly designed to save a buttload of space. Sick of fishing around a jam-packed drawer on the search for your favorite fork? Give it a cozy, reliable place to call home.

Promising review: "Perfect for those small kitchen drawers. My drawer space is limited and my silverware drawer is literally so small. I’ve tried all types of organizers but this one takes the cake. Easy to use and easy to clean. Very stable and doesn't slide around when you open the drawer. Very lightweight and sleek appearance. Very nice grey color that matches my kitchen decor. Love this." —Amazon customer

Get it from Amazon for $11.99.

10. A set of super-strong magnetic strips to elevate beer and soda bottles so you can nix the annoying cardboard holders they come in. Plus, now you can free up an extra few inches underneath where you can slide in your XL bag of string cheese.

the white magnetic holder holding four beer bottles
A reviewer's photo of the holders elevating four beer bottles

The set comes with two magnetic strips which can be arranged in three different positions. Each holds six bottles.

Promising review: "Works great in my fridge. Super strong and frees up space on the bottom. I only have an inch of clearance but it does allow me to slide things under it and I no longer deal with falling over bottles." —Raemi

Get a pack of two from Amazon for $29.99.

11. A set of two cabinet shelf organizers so you can elevate your mug collection and make room for more because look, you *will* be buying at least one next time you go to Target. 

the white organizers in a cabinet holding plates, bowls, and mugs.

Promising review: "I absolutely LOVE my new organizational wooden stands. They arrived today, as soon as I easily put them together I was surprised how great they looked. The texture is better than expected, very sturdy, looks great on my kitchen counter and turned my messy counter into a nice display of items I use daily. I’m so in love with these I’m going to buy more for other areas if the house and my adult kids think they’re great so thinking about getting them as stocking stuffers!!!!" —Kristen

Get it from Amazon for $18.99+ (available in four finishes and two sizes). 

12. chrome can rack where you can store all 36 of the Campbell's tomato soups you picked up because your grocery store was having a really good sale. 

Promising review: "This is a terribly useful product because no can good companies have the decency to make their cans the same size with interlocking lids which means you either have to stack your vegetables one high, or play a precarious game of Jenga every time you reach for cream of chicken. Enter this thing. It uses the same footprint as the same amount of cans would, EXCEPT there is none of that precarious stacking so you don't get buried in an avalanche of pantry staples every time you make dinner. Plus, it really cleans up your pantry. Pretty inexpensive solution to a messy problem I had." —Mr.andMrs.Moreno

Get it from Amazon for $18.99.

13. A cabinet door organizer with room for cutting boards, plastic wrap, baking sheets, and whatever else plagues your kitchen cabinets.

Reviewer with plastic wrap, tinfoil, and similar boxes inside organizer
Different reviewer using organizer for five cutting boards

You can hang the steel rack over a cabinet door via a set of included hooks or you can mount it directly to a door or wall with the included hardware. It can support roughly five standard-sized cutting boards.

Promising review: "This organizer is so useful! I recently moved and ended up with a much smaller kitchen, so I've been doing everything I can to make sure there's no wasted space. Luckily, I have pretty wide cabinets, so this works out perfectly. I have one holding my cutting boards and another holding my foil, cling wrap, and parchment paper boxes. The organizer is super easy to assemble and it's completely versatile — hang it over the cabinet door or attach it to the wall/cabinet door, which means it's great for renters and owners." —Kerry

Get it from Amazon for $14.87+ (available in packs of one or two).

14. coffee pod dispenser you can mount right to the side of your machine or wherever else is convenient. Jars are cute, but having to reach your hand into the bottom of one isn't.

The pink dispenser which hold 10 coffee pods
A reviewer's photo of the blue dispensers mounted next to their coffee maker