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This Expert Pointed Out The "Gen Z Versions" Of Popular Millennial Design Trends, And It Appears History Is Repeating Itself

"In my opinion, 'cheugy' is this generation's version of 'basic.' It's a term to describe someone’s preference for the more popular, less obscure things, regardless of their generation. No generation is safe from people that will judge certain design choices as being mainstream or tasteless."

31 "I Should've Stuck To Renting" Revelations From Real-Life Homeowners With Major Regrets

"The first $4,000 payment to remove a mature tree nearly sent me to an early grave, but the second and third tree removals, for a total of $12,000, which we'll never see back, will be the expense that kills me. Truthfully, I wish the tree had just fallen straight onto our cabin for the insurance payout. If only we'd been renting."

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