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Use these official logos to represent BuzzFeed Inc. in press and media applications. Logos should appear in their original colors when possible, and should be otherwise unmodified.

Please contact us if you have questions about proper usage of BuzzFeed Inc. logos.

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R:238 G:51 B:34


R:0 G:119 B:238


R:255 G:238 B:0


To contact the BuzzFeed Communications team, email To contact the HuffPost News PR team, email

IMPORTANT NOTE: This email address does not reach editorial staff or the human resources department. Please do not send press releases, editorial pitches, or job inquiries to us – they will not get in front of the right people. For press releases and pitches, please see the mastheads on section home pages for other options. For example, go to to see a masthead for our entertainment contacts.

Carole Robinson

Chief Communications Officer

Juliana Clifton

Vice President, Communications

Bradford Bridgers

Sr. Communications Manager

Lizzie Grams

Manager, Communications

Sophia Vega

Communications Coordinator

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