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22 Creepy Photos I Found This Month That — Between You And Me — I Feel Like I Wasn't Exactly Supposed To See

The only thing better than a regular picnic table is one made out of ✨gravestones✨.

1. This now-shattered 216-year-old gravestone with its original price — $11.18 — engraved onto the part that's supposed to be underground:

The price etched at the bottom of the shattered gravestone, which lies on leafy grass

2. This ominous chair that has bad vibes all around — 0/10 would not recommend even looking at it for too long:

A thin steel chair, on grass amid garbage and trees, with a sign, "Leave" underlined, taped to the front of the seat back

3. This person who just wanted a bus transfer ticket and instead seemingly got a ticket for a time machine heading to 2070:

The date 01-01-70 circled on the ticket

4. This roommate whose cooking went so wrong, I truly think they may have invented a new substance unknown to mankind until now:

Blackened clumps surrounded by a blue substance stuck to a pan

5. This well at a New England farmhouse that dates all the way back to 1760. Pretty cool, right? It's even cooler when you notice the two eyes staring at you in the darkness!!!!

A hole in the dirt and grass with two eyes peering out of the darkness

6. These friends who just wanted to have a chill park hang...only to find the ashes of — *checks notes* Pat — chilling inside the communal grill:

A rusty grill on the grass with a note about "Pat"

7. This person who caught an ignis fatuus (or a will-o'-the-wisp) on camera in a forest in Ireland. If you, like me, didn't know what that was, it's a light caused by the combustion of gas from decomposing organic matter, like plants or animals. It is typically found in wooded or marshy areas like this:

Three images of woody areas with a patch of neon blue-green light visible in each

8. This strange, ominous, all-around spine-chilling room next to this person's apartment that would have me looking over my shoulder every five seconds while I open my door to make sure some demon doesn't come and pull me into it — casually, as one does:

A dark, empty room with no door at the end of an empty hallway

9. These remains of a stinkhorn mushroom (aka a Phallus rubicundus) that someone found growing in a cemetery, which — fun fact! — smells like rotting meat. Looks like a baby Demogorgon to me, TBH:

A reddish substance with numerous strands and a hole in the center

In case you're curious, here's what they normally look like:

A vaguely tubular reddish mushroom with the "petals" turned open at the top, and another view where it looks a bit like a starfish

10. This cute little park bench that looks perfect for a picni— wait, never mind, it's literally made out of gravestones. Here's to hoping they're unused!

Gravestones in the form of a table and benches

11. The person who was eating a half-purple, half-white yam that — TBH — I am not convinced isn't an amethyst or something:

The two-toned yam looks more like a gemstone with wax on it

12. This creepy doll, aka the namesake of Reddit user u/moviesandcats. According to them, it was their mother's first-ever doll, and they were named after it. Like, I'm pretty sure that makes you tethered together, right? Or, like, maybe a future Annabelle-type situation?

A seated vintage doll with short hair and wearing a print dress

13. This empty teacup that— wait a minute...are you telling me that's not empty?? THAT'S ILLEGAL.

A light beige teacup with a teabag on the side and some chai the exact shade of the cup at the bottom, so that it looks transparent

14. The way this basmati rice stands up when it's done cooking is not not just a little ominous and terrifying. It's like a thousand tiny worms saying, "Uppies, please":

Brown and white rice cooking vertically in a pan, almost like thick porcupine quills

15. This person who absolutely got played by the snow:

A snowy parking space at a dock with a drop-off that's not visible from the top

16. This photo that is so perfect, it feels wrong:

A graveyard with lots of autumn leaves on the ground, with a woody backdrop on the top half that looks like a different photo

17. The "black wall of nothing" that this redditor sees every single night because they live next to the last streetlight for some distance. Like, this is peak horror movie ~killer comes out of the darkness~ kinda stuff!!!

A dark, snowy road with a streetlight illuminating the snow and pitch blackness beyond it

18. This gorgeous black-and-white photo of the ocean on a sunny day...that's actually just a picture of someone's carpet and wall:

The gray carpet looks like the ocean, and the wall looks like a cloudy sky on the horizon

19. This list a student found inside a desk in their high school that leaves me full of questions I don't think I want an answer to:

On a sheet of loose-leaf paper, a handwritten list of the people whose "arm hair" this person saw up close, along with the dates
Page 2 of the arm hair list

20. This person, who turned on the lights of their pitch-black hotel room to find...this:

Towels tied into knots and attached to a hanger hanging from a chandelier above the bed, which has a "towel animal" resting on it and looking at the camera

21. This drink that is, like, 100% poisonous, right?

A bottle containing a liquid with bubbles in the shape of a skull

22. And finally, this fortune cookie fortune that can either be read as a) a threat or b) your friend just being really, really honest that they have a big mouth:

Message: "Your secrets are safe with me and all my friends"