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I Genuinely Can't Watch "Saltburn" The Same After Learning These 13 Surprising Facts

Jacob Elordi prepared to play Elvis in Priscilla during his downtime while filming Saltburn.

If there's one film it seems as if everybody just can't stop talking about, it's Saltburn.

Barry Keoghan in a suit bow tie in the movie

The movie was directed by Emerald Fennell, whose previous film was the Oscar winner Promising Young Woman in 2020. Saltburn follows Oliver (Barry Keoghan) as he enters into his classmate Felix's (Jacob Elordi) ostentatious and ultra-wealthy aristocratic home life during one mid-aughts summer at the English countryside estate of Felix's family.

Jacob and Barry at a table in a pub in Saltburn

Saltburn, which was released in theaters in November, is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video, and more people than ever are witness to the film's shocking scenes and impressive performances.

A scene showing Oliver with Felix's family

So whether you've just seen the film or can't stop thinking about it months later, here are 13 fascinating facts about Saltburn that might just surprise you more than the movie itself:

🚨 Warning: This post contains major spoilers. 🚨

1. Margot Robbie produced Saltburn.

Margot smiling in a strapless corset outfit at a media event

2. Carey Mulligan asked to play Poor Dear Pamela.

Carey as Poor Dear Pamela seated at a table with a drink

3. Emerald Fennell attended Oxford University in real life.

Emerald smiling at a Saltburn event

4. While filming, Rosamund Pike lived in the English estate where they shot the movie.

Rosamund as Elspeth sitting in front of a statue

5. Several scenes weren't in the original script, including Farleigh (Archie Madekwe) and Oliver's bedroom scene and their A Midsummer Night's Dream party conversation.

Farleigh holding a cigarette and a laptop in his lap

6. "Mr. Brightside" by the Killers was the most expensive song to license for the film.

Brandon Flowers of the Killers performing in a suit

7. Barry Keoghan created five different versions of Oliver while filming and had a different notebook for each.

Barry seated, wearing a bow tie, and holding a glass in the movie

8. Jacob Elordi prepared to play Elvis Presley in Priscilla during his downtime while shooting Saltburn.

9. The film intentionally doesn't show Elspeth's immediate reaction to seeing Felix dead.

Elpseth looking stunned

10. Barry Keoghan improvised that nude gravesite scene.

Barry in the movie wearing a robe and looking over the estate

11. Rosamund Pike shot those bedridden scenes herself.

12. The nude dancing scene at the end begins in the King's Bedroom, which was the final room Felix showed Oliver on his initial tour of the estate.

The estate in Saltburn

13. And, finally, that same nude dancing sequence took 11 takes to perfect.

Barry in the movie lying on the grass bare-chested