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Sex & Love

couple with baby kissing captioned "He had a baby with my friend"

38 Engaged Couples Who Never Made It To The Altar For Wild And Sometimes Heartbreaking Reasons

"One of my parents got terminally ill.... Other parent calls from the hospital saying 'this is it. Only hours left to say goodbye. Get here now.' I get dressed to go get in the car, but my ex says, 'I have to take a shower and get ready. It’ll be, like, 45 minutes to an hour. Also, I’ll take my own car so I can go to work afterward.' After what? After my parent is wheeled into the morgue?"

Ego Nwodim on "SNL;" Tina Fey in "Mean Girls"

16 Folks Who Didn't Hold Anything Back, And Admitted Just How Scandalous Dating Within The School System Can Be

"I'm 90% sure there are two teachers at my school who are interested in me. I’ve always believed the phrase 'don't sh*t where you eat.' Right now nothing is more important to me than my job and my reputation — dating a fellow teacher could ruin all of that, so I keep them at a distance."

feet and underwear on a bed

15 Real-Life Sex And Intimacy Questions You’re Too Embarrassed Or Shy To Ask About — Answered By Experts

"I'm a 31-year-old woman who has never had sex. I had some health issues in college, so I feel like I missed the boat.... The more time passes, the more concerned I am to admit my inexperience to any future partner. If I do start seeing someone, is it OK not to tell them the truth?”

People Are Revealing The Unforgivable Things Their Ex-Spouse Did That Led Them To Divorce After Less Than A Year Of Marriage

"He really went from being the perfect, attentive boyfriend to the world's laziest husband.... He was not the same person, and it seemed as if he'd lost motivation to work on our relationship with fun date nights and quality time as soon as he signed the dotted line."