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    20 Small Things From Target That’ll Have A Big Impact On Your Home In 2024

    Big things poppin' and little things we shoppin'.

    1. A set of cable organizers ready to help you organize more than just your office space. You can use these organizers to keep cords all over the house tangle-free. It'll also help you to identify when your favorite charger cord goes missing miraculously.

    the black cable organizers

    2. A smartplug you can program to turn on and off whenever you want. You can use it with your smarthub, too. Now, when you accidentally leave the television on in the other room, you can simply command it to shut off. True power.

    the smart plug

    3. A shower caddy that'll streamline your hygiene routine. No more blind reaching for your shampoo and ending up with conditioner. The open slots are great for allowing water to slide through to assist in the decrease of soap scum buildup.

    the shower caddy hanging up in a shower

    4. A desk organizer pretty much the best gift you can give to yourself to tidy up your work space. Or, you can place one on the counter by the door and use it as a mail organizer. The possibilities are truly endless.

    the desk organizer in an off white color

    5. A floating shelf just begging to serve as a grand display for your tiny plant babies, favorite books, pictures, candles, or your assortment of Funko Pops!

    the floating shelves with pictures and plants on them

    6. A rolling utility cart for a multipurpose organizer that can move when you move, just like that. Lock the wheels to keep it stationary, or roll it around to different rooms to keep your essentials nearby.

    the rolling cart in gray

    7. A Brita filtered water dispenser that'll provide you with clean drinking water straight from the tap. You won't have to keep buying plastic water bottles, and you can have fresh water at a moment's notice.

    someone filling a Brita filter with water

    8. A flying insect trap because there's nothing more annoying than tiny little bugs flying around you when you're trying to eat a Hot Pocket.

    the flying insect trap

    9. A Scrub Mommy dual-sided sponge that's a Shark Tank-famous cleaning tool and is trusted by many to tackle any job, big or small. Use it for dishes, counters, tiny spills to big grimy messes.

    the scrub mommy

    10. An LED light strip to set the environment with ultra-colored vibes. You can place a strip behind your television to enhance movie nights or in the kitchen to give you an illuminated dining experience.

    an example of the led strips in the kitchen

    11. A garbage disposal cleaner that visitors will never see but definitely notice. No more wondering which meal from last week is smelling up the place. Just pop it in and let the sweet smells waft over your kitchen.

    the garbage disposal cleaner on a counter next to a sink

    12. A cutlery organizer that may seem like no big deal, but will prove beneficial the next time you're whipping up a new TikTok recipe and can find all of your utensils and kitchen tools with ease.

    the cutlery organizer

    13. A hair and lint remover reviewers say picked up hair and lint they didn't even see until after they used this tool.

    the remover being used on the sofa to remove pet hair

    14. A three-piece compression bag set so you can maximize your storage space. Simply, fill these large bags with blankets, winter clothing, and more, then use a vacuum to suck the air out. Just like that, you can fit even the largest of comforters in the most minor storage areas with a little room to spare.

    the compression bags with blankets inside

    15. An over-the-sink drying rack you can roll up — perfect for homes with little to no counter space. This drying rack can also be used for additional counter space when it's not drying dishes or as a trivet mat.

    dishes drying on the rack over a sink

    16. A small space air freshener so small it can slip into or behind nooks and crannies but still give off a powerfully fresh scent. Try putting one under your trash bag in your garbage can or on a shelf in your towel closet.

    the small space air freshener

    17. A hole repair applicator tool to patch up minor boo-boos on your wall. Parents, this is an absolute must-have.

    the hole repair

    18. A pack of furniture felt pads to protect your hardwood floors from scratches and scrapes. You and your landlord will be grateful when you move out of your rental.

    19. A Rubbermaid scrubber reviewers say will get the dirt out of your nooks and crannies quick, and with great results. You can finally scrub out that old conditioner that's chilling in the corner of your shower.

    someone scrubbing tile grouts with the scrubber

    20. A can of fume-free oven cleaner you should consider using because you never really pay attention to the inside of your oven and it's starting to look as bad as Tiffany Valentine after burning up in Bride of Chucky.

    the oven cleaner product shot

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