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    36 Products That’ll Easily Make Your House A Home

    Home is where your Crock-Pot lives.

    1. A set of new standard bed pillows to replace the ones you've been sleeping on for so long that they resemble thin sheets of paper rather than something you should rest your head on.

    Promising review: "I’ve become pretty committed to these pillows. I recently revamped my guest rooms and had some ancient pillows that I decided to upgrade with these bad boys since we have used them in other places for years now! Love them. Super soft, clean up nice, and stay cool. Highly recommend in both queen and king sizes! And yes, the queen size fits into a regular sham if you need to know!" —Ali Lytle

    Get a set of two from Amazon for $60.99+ (available in sizes Queen/Standard and King).

    2. Plus a fresh set of bed sheets, because there are few things as satisfying as climbing under your covers at the end of the day and curling up on top of crisp, clean sheets.

    The set comes with a sheet and two pillow cases.

    Promising review: "Feels like expensive high end hotel sheets. I normally use flannel sheets year-round because it’s the only material I like but these are my new favorite. Very soft and cooling. Fit our bed perfectly. I purchased both for our bed and our spare room and have only gotten compliments from guests. Great sheets without the huge sticker price." —Anna Greenlun

    Get them from Amazon for $39.97+ (available in twin, full, queen, king, California king, with or without extra deep pockets and 40 colors).

    3. And a mattress pad cover that's breathable, cooling, and plush all at the same time — get ready to have the best sleep of your life, fellow Hot Sleeper.

    Promising review: "This is by far the best mattress topper I've ever bought. Not only is it comfortable, but it has elastic straps to strap under the corners of the mattresses. I'd highly recommend this to anybody." —Ashley Mayle

    Get it from Amazon for $38.98+ (available in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king sizing and three colors).

    4. A wall-mounted coat rack to serve as both a lovely lil' piece of wall decor and lend a helpful hand to hang your accessories — as if you needed another excuse to buy a new coat.

    A reviewer holding a rack of light wood cylinders, pulling every other cylinder out to turn it into a hook
    The rack mounted to a wall with one of the cylinders pushed down to hold a jacket

    Check out a TikTok of the coat rack in action. 

    Promising review: "I bought one and was so in love with it that I immediately ordered a second one. I love the design when not is use, and when it use it is sturdy and versatile. I get a lot of compliments from visitors." —Femke

    Get it from Amazon for $47.97+ (available in three colors).  

    5. Prismatic window film, because once in a while everything actually CAN be filled with magic and rainbows! This film will also provide you with some privacy while adding color into the room when the sun hits *just* right.

    A bedroom window covered in crystal-ish rainbow decorative film
    A reviewer showing rainbows refracting on their wall from the film

    Check out BuzzFeed's review of this decorative window film for more details!

    Promising review: "I absolutely love this! TikTok made me buy it for my sunroof and I'm so glad I did! It's so beautiful when the sun comes through! And you get so much for the price!! If you're on the fence, buy it!!" —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $7.98+ (available in 11 sizes).

    6. Blackout curtains to help you get to bed early and catch the recommended amount of Zzzs like any proper adult. Or, feel free to use then to sleep until 2 p.m. on a Saturday — no judgment here.

    a review photo of the black out curtains blocking the sunlight
    the curtain during the daylight open to expose light

    Promising review: "These blackout curtains are awesome. If not for these, my baby wouldn't be taking longer naps during the day. Since I got these I was able to establish a routine with my little one. These curtains will not make the room pitch black so I have to tape them to the wall to make the room darker. It gets the job done and that is good enough for me. When my baby takes his 45 minutes or an hour nap, I can do housework, shower and take care of our dog. If you have a baby who won't nap longer than 15 minutes, get these curtains! Trust me, it will change your life! I love them so much that I ordered a couple more for the grandparents' house." —E. Champion

    Get them from Amazon for $20.44+ (available in eight sizes and 31 colors).

    7. A giant 10x10 blanket everyone in your home can pile under together when Mother Nature decides none of you should venture outdoors that day — throw on a nostalgic Disney movie and snuggle up!

    two models under the large blanket in pink
    two adult models and three kid models under the large tan blanket
    Big Blanket Co

    Big Blanket Co is a small business that, obviously, creates HUUUUGE blankets. The blankets are made with four-way stretch, temperature regulating fabric, and can fit in standard-size washing machines. 

    Promising review: "I took the leap and bought my first blanket! I am in love with it! It is so soft. I love the weight it has. It keeps me at a good temperature. I have a feeling that I will be getting more. 😉" —Lelia R.

    Get it from Amazon (available in seven colors) or Big Blanket Co (available in 18 colors) for $135.15+. 

    8. A set of cylindrical wineglasses that'll feel like a major upgrade from the ones you somehow inherited from your older sister when you moved into your first apartment — these beauties are *yours* and will make any space feel like home sweet home.

    A cylinder shaped stemmed clear wine glass with pink gin in it
    The glass with white wine in it

    Joy Jolt is a small business that specializes in modern and pop culture-themed drinkware and kitchen accessories. 

    Promising review: "I saw these wineglasses on TikTok and had to order them. They are perfect! Will be purchasing again as gifts for my friends!" —diana

    Get a set of two from Amazon for $18.95+ (available in three styles). 

    9. A set of simple picture frames you can fill with your favorite printed photos (how chic would they look in black and white?!) or with art prints you've had your eye on foreverrrrr. 

    a gif of framed taylor swift posters
    five black picture frames

    Promising review: "First, I love that the front is not glass. The frames are lightweight, so it gives me flexibility when hanging. They're nice frames and I'm glad I bought them. They are now displaying my favorite artwork pieces my children have brought to me from school." —Amazon Customer

    Get a set of five for $19.99+ (available in ten colors and 17 sizes)

    10. A turntable to help bring music into your living room in an old school (but now super trendy) way while also adding in a conversational piece of decor. The soothing sound of your favorite artist will make you feel more at home even if you just moved into this new space.

    a silver turntable
    a reviewer's image of their turntable with a record on it

    My husband has this record player and it's become such a beloved piece in our home. We love putting it on during dinner time and letting the music drift from the living room into the kitchen while we cook. Super soothing and gives you an excuse to start searching for all kinds of vinyl records to add to your collection. Note that you'll need to also pick up a pair of speakers to get the full experience.

    Promising review: "I've been collecting vinyl for about nine years now and finally upgraded from my Crosley (a great beginner turntable) to this system. The sound quality is to die for, and I am incredibly happy about my purchase! I paired this system with Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers — I am very satisfied with the sound output, and the setup between the system and speakers was incredibly easy (especially for someone who isn't incredibly tech savvy). Would recommend if you are looking for an upgrade from a 'basic' turntable and want to hear an improved quality of your records, but don't want to break the bank." —RK

    Get it from Amazon for $149 (available in two colors).

    11. set of pastel kitchen utensils so you can embrace the growing Barbie Core trend and decorate your kitchen like it's, quite literally, a Dream House. Aside from just being SUPER cute, reviewers have noted that these utensils are great against heat resistance and can be tossed right into the dishwasher for cleaning.

    the pink utensil set
    reviewer photo of the set on their kitchen counter

    Check out a TikTok of the utensil set in action. These can withstand temps up to 392°F.

    Promising review: "Really cute set and the quality is good too, so a win-win for me! It is dishwasher-safe. I tried one of the pieces washed in the dishwasher and it came out just fine. For longevity I plan to just hand-wash because I love things in pink! They're heat resistant — I used the spatula to cook bacon and pressed on the pan and nothing bad happened to it. I've had this set for a month now and been using it every day; it still looks as good as new. No burns/melted marks; no discoloration. I have washed it in the dishwasher multiple times and they come out fine. Easy to clean." —Pookie Bear

    Get it from Amazon for $19.99 (available in five colors).

    Don't forget to clip the 10% off coupon before you check out!

    12. A "Cup Cozy Pillow" — AKA an absolute essential for achieving peak comfort goals in your living room. It features a spot to hold your remote, two mugs, and two additional beverages. You honestly may never want to leave your couch again.

    Cup Cozy Pillow is a small business that specializes in family-friendly snack and drink organizers. 

    Check out a TikTok of the Cup Cozy Deluxe Pillow in action.

    Promising review: "This thing is great! I’m home on maternity leave with my new baby and spend most of my time on the couch under a sleeping baby. This product makes it easy for me to keep my drinks, remote, etc close by even with dogs running around. It’s a little more expensive than I would have liked but it works and I love it so money well spent!" —Amber

    Get it from Amazon for $34.99.  

    13. A "flaming" humidifier that'll impress anyone who cherishes nothing more than cozy cottagecore vibes, soothing aromatherapy, and sleeping amongst delightfully hydrated air.

    A black humidifier with lights mimicking flamse coming out of it
    A still shot of the humidifier

    Promising review: "I like how this diffuser kind of looks like a mini fireplace and it’s perfect for winter. I also like how long the water of this diffuser lasts — I always add my favorite essential oil in it when I go to sleep every night without worrying it will run out of water. I used to have insomnia and it helped me to sleep through the night with my relaxing essential oil scent, and it also worked as a humidifier." —Benny

    Get it from Amazon for $32.69 (available in two colors). 

    14. cereal dispenser you can fill with your favorites (Reese's Puffs, duh) and toss the bulky box they come in to the curb. They'll keep your go-to breakfast (or dessert, TBH) fresh and make them super easy to dispense. If you have kiddos they'll love using this to grab their own meal in the morning.

    reviewer pic of the black cereal dispenser holding two types of cereal
    Reviewer gif of someone dispensing the cereal into a bowl

    Check out a TikTok of the cereal dispenser in action. 

    Promising review: "We have three kids and a very small kitchen with very little cabinet/counter space!!! We used to keep our cereal boxes on top of our refrigerator, but I've been trying to declutter and also come up with a solution for our kids to be able to get their own cereal in the mornings. THIS IS IT!!!! It looks great on our counter, and we have very little space, so it fits just right! This has been the perfect solution to giving our kids the independence they need to get their own breakfast! It has been a lifesaver!!! Love it!!!" —tenle

    Get it from Amazon for $28.42